Featured Video - Niqab in Egypt

Is this video accurate? Is it biased? Does it contain incorrect information?

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Hijab (common in Egypt)

Niqab (less common in Egypt)

Burqa (not seen in Egypt)

About the hijab, niqab, or burqa, Are the looseness and thickness of the clothing contributing qualities to dressing 'appropriately'? And if so, does this tend to make the clothing more restrictive?

BG Univ of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

What is the difference between mainstream and fundamentalist or extremist Islam's views of: women's rights, especially towards education and marriage?

Peter, Vancouver, Canada

Why are male and female students separated in University classes? Is it the same in high school? Earlier?

Jihee, Seoul, Korea

Why is Egyptian traditional dress for women black? Does black have any meaning, like red in China-fortune/luck or white in Korea-royalty/integrity?

Jihee, Seoul, Korea

Why do women have to cover themselves and not men?

Lilly, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Why do some women completely cover their body and their faces while others just cover their hair?

Lilly, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA and Linda Pearman, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Do Egyptian women try to look attractive? What do they do?

Laura, New York, USA

Do Egyptian women wear make-up? What does Islam say about wearing make-up?

Laura, New York, USA

At what age do Egyptian women start covering?

Larry, New Jersey, USA and Linda Pearman, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Why is the call to pray mandatory for men but optional for women?

Staci, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Why don't women have equal rights with men across the Muslim world?

Bob, Tucson, Arizona and Kathleen, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Is a woman's proper place in the home cooking, cleaning and taking care of children? Is it OK for women to have a career instead of children?

Project Coordinator

Do some men stare at attractive women on the streets of Cairo? Do they make rude comments?

Project Coordinator

I understand that Muslim men may have up to 4 wives...

I also understand that at the time of the prophet many men had more than 4 wives so the prophet limited the number to improve the situation for women. This sounds like Islam was born in a specific historical context. If Islam and the Quran come from a specific historical context how can the same Islam work "universally" om all different cultures and all countries?
Project Coordinator

If a beautiful woman wearing a short skirt is sexually assaulted by a man, whose fault is it, the man's or the woman's or both?

Project Coordinator

Was women covering part of Arab culture before Islam? If so, isn't covering cultural and not part of Islam?

Project Coordinator

Who is a better Muslim?

1) A woman who wears the hijab but tells many small lies to her friends, family and boss, comes late to work, leaves early and steals small amounts of money from her company
2) A woman who wears make-up, sleeveless shirts and short skirts and likes to dance but is always completely honest with her friends, family and boss, always comes to work on time, works hard and never steals anything?
Project Coordinator

Women in the Workforce by Country

 Women Workforce Map shows a World Map, where different colors have been used to demarcate various regions of the world with different percentage of women in paid employment. In countries such as Ghana, Ukraine and Thailand over 50% of the population comprises of women. In maximum countries, 40-50% are women. In most of the North American, Latin American, European and African countries, 40-50% women are working. In India, 30-40% are women. In African countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan etc, 20-30% of women are working. Women form a significant part of each nation's population. Over the years, they have been playing a crucial role in transforming worker's lives.

Women have been part of the workforce from time immemorial. Not only the number of women in the workforce is increasing but the number of women earning top business positions is also on a rise. In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan only 10-20% women are working. This Women Workforce Map gives you a clear idea of percentage of women in paid employment in various countries of the world.