Why do women have to cover themselves and not men?

Lilly, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


  1. Covering for women in Islam is to protect her. So everyone knows: this is a woman and is recognized by her hijab (literally 'modesty' but generally used to indicate the headscarf).
    There are two kinds of 'cover' for women.
    1. Cover her body, her hair and her face and that is not required by Islam. It is a choice for a woman. If she wants to protect herself more she can cover her face. If not that is her choice.
    2. Cover her body and her hair only. It is necessary for all Muslim women when they become adults. Allah ordered all Muslim women to cover herself when she become an adult to protect her as I say before. Now! What about men? Is it allowed in Islam for a man to walk naked? Of course not. He must cover not exactly as a woman but he is also ordered to wear respectable clothing (hijab or modesty is incumbent on men and women alike). And you can imagine that all men and women can wear or not wear anything any care for the feeling of others . What will the society look like, you can see the difference between Muslim societies and other societies on this point. So one of them must cover but the question is who the man or the woman? Of course you know that, in regular case, men work in all difficult places but women do not. If Allah orders him to cover all his body when he works on a summer day in the desert or mountains, what can he do? So, because Allah created man and woman with different natures and knows that man's body can work in difficult cases he doesnt order him to cover himself.
    Also as you know men are excited by seeing more of women. In regular case if a man sees a woman dressed sexy he will be excited but if the woman sees a man who is naked she may not have the same feeling. So women have to cover themselves and not men.
    Aml, Cairo

  2. hijab is limited to women not men for they are more attractive and may excite men. Allah (Glory Be To Him) order women to cover her heads to avoid teasings and to be protective like the precious gem. scince women haven't the same sexual desire as men, so women have to try his best to protect her chastity.
    Eman Refaat, Faculty of Scienc, Al Azhar University

  3. The Quran is quite clear that the hijab is essential for modesty, but why is modesty important? The Quran is still clear:

    "O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their bodies (when abroad) so that they should be known and not molested" (Quran 33:59).

    This is the whole point, modesty is prescribed to protect women from molestation or simply, modesty is protection. Thus, the only purpose of the hijab in Islam is protection.
    (Mona Muhmood) assistant teacher in Mass communication faculty , Public Relations department( Cairo)

  4. hijāb has granted women honor and safeguarded them from the evils in society.. Although the Qur'ān has also instructed men to lower their gazes and dress appropriately, it has not commanded them to wear a hijāb. A woman is much more in need of covering her beauty than a man to protect her honor from being violated. Women are the victims of most sexual attacks, not men, and they are the ones to suffer most of the harms, women have been abused just in the time it takes to read this answer When a woman practices modesty and does not display her beauty to others by donning on the hijāb, she does not attract sexual attention towards herself. Instead, she sends an immediate message to anyone who looks towards her about her dignified nature, thus closing the door that leads to evils such as flirtation, fornication, and worse. In addition, she demands recognition for her capabilities, intelligence, and skill set, rather than be a sexual object displayed on a billboard in order to advertise and sell products
    Mona ( cairo

  5. I agree that seeing the bodies of women used to sell products is disturbing. In a complicated and sometimes confusing way, US culture does tend to treat women as a commodity. At the same time I treasure the fact that we have complete access to education, freedom in driving, marriage, where we work, voting, walking on the street alone. There is a dress code where I work,because our TV shows have begun to show women in tight skirts, low cut tops etc at work. That is new, and kind of strange.
    But being abused is not about sexual attractiveness, its about someone wanting to prove his power, his dominance, his capacity to inflict harm, humiliation and pain. Rape has always been part of war, as a means of humiliating individuals and humiliating a nation. The age,beauty or provocativeness of the woman was not part of the decision. Hurting women strikes at the heart of the people.
    I believe that the hijab was for protecting "the precious jewel". But I wonder if it still functions that way? Are women in hijab truly safe on the streets? Are they protected from domestic violence? Do they have full rights to being treated with dignity and respect? Sometimes our (all nations, all religions) beliefs deteriorate and people follow the outward rule but forget its highest and deepest message. Part of the message I hear in being covered is that MEN need to act with honor towards women. To control their own behavior.
    I am always concerned about any attitude of owning women. Having precious jewels in your midst does not mean that you own them. Perhaps when a woman chooses to cover her body she is saying, "I am a holy vessel and I will choose when and with whomn i display my beauty". If thats her decision I certainly honor it.
    I also think there are many ways to deliver the message that we are dignified people, deserving honor for our intelligence and capabilities. There are many ways to deliver that message.
    I think it's unfortunate if men think that they cannot control themselves in the presence of feminine beauty. If they see a precious jewel on the street are they FORCED to "steal it?" - to take possession of it it? If my son were to act out in such a way I would not think it was the woman's fault. For aren't men intelligent, morally inclined beings?

  6. Who said women must cover themselves and not the man to cover himself?
    Both men and Muslim women should cover the same except the face and hands
    If the Muslima wanted to cover her face, she is free
    Why is it permitted for women to be naked without clothes or allows them to be clothed?!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ahmed Abdelmawgoud AtiiaDecember 29, 2010

    Who said that the man does not cover the same? "Islam commands women to cover her body, he ordered the man to cover his body, but the amount of Ulster is different and this is reasonable because women are more attractive than men, and then kept Islam out more, Furthermore, Allah ordered Muslims men and women to lower their gaze

  8. this question is very funny for me! I know you ask your selves WHY?
    if you man and during walking at street you watched women with long and soft,dark hair,what will you do? sure, you will look for her for along time because her hair attract you.
    and if you see women wear short skirt,what will you do? also you will enjoy with watching her,and in most cases if the man can not control in himself may be do something wrong.
    but if man have a good hair and wear shorts,what will happened? no thing,BECAUSE THE NATURE OF WOMEN IS DIFFERENT! so that if any part from the women is appear,especially if she was beautiful, its attract any man so that Allah order women to cover their selves to keep and protect them .

  9. I want to say something, everyone is free to all the words to say, but whoever blasphemes God punish others, and despise the beliefs of others God punished

    Surah 33. The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces
    58. And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a glaring sin.

    59. O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.